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October 27, 2021  RueMorgue


Sometimes, you just have to adapt to the world around you. Like, when you want to make a movie but there’s a virus ravaging the country. DASHCAM is a new psychological-thriller written and directed by Christian Nilsson, available now from Kamikaze Dogfight and Gravitas Ventures. The film stars Eric Tabach, Giorgia Whigam and Larry Fessenden, and was shot without most of the actors ever actually meeting in person, no easy feat! We had the chance to chat with both Christian Nilsson and Larry Fessenden about the the process of getting the film made, the civilization-shaking search for truth, and what happens in NYC when you try to use a fog machine at night. read full article

October 26, 2021  RueMorgue


Over the coming decades, film historians will undoubtedly pen essays about the "pandemic era" of filmmaking.  Movies didn't cease to exist, but their directors had to roll with the punches and drastically change their techniques in order to continue to ply their craft.  Christian Nillson is one of those adept creatives. read full article

October 15, 2021  New York Times

Five Horror Films to Stream Now

The month’s picks include a contagion film, an ’80s throwback, an unnerving tale of siblings, a faux documentary and a slow-burn thriller.    read full article

October 13, 2021  Horror Fuel

Horror Antholgy ‘Isolation’ Scores A Release Date

...Adds Andrew van den Houten of Kamikaze Dogfight  “It’s always fun working with new directors and veterans to create something unique to the times we are living in.  This grouping of films brings some thought-provoking ideas to the mix in the genre and gives the audience lots to feast upon.” read full article

October 02, 2021  Collider

'Dashcam' Trailer Reveals a New Psychological Thriller Starring Larry Fessenden

Dashcam is a look into one editor's journey into solving a crime from behind his computer. The film, which dropped its official trailer earlier this week, is a terrifying glimpse into discovering the truth and the toll it can take on those behind the scenes, particularly when it is something thrown on their plate without their knowledge.    read full article

June 02, 2021  RueMorgue

Harrowing Trailer for new psychological horror WOE

Fans of intense, psychological horror will want to check out WOE when it arrives on DVD and VOD   read full article

February 08, 2021  ScreenAnarchy

DEATH TRIP Trailer: There's a Reason No One Goes To The Cottage During Winter

James Watts' horror flick with a succinct and to the point title, Death Trip. Gravitas Ventures and Kamikaze Dogfight are releasing Death Trip On Demand in the U.S. and here in Canada on February 16th.   read full article

January 12, 2021  Red Carpet Report TV

Justin McConnell's CLAPBOARD JUNGLE, dissecting today's filmmaking process

The acclaimed documentary, sitting at 96% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and an Official Selection of Fantasia, Sitges, Frightfest (Winner Best Documentary), Night Visions, IFI Horrorthon, South African Horrorfest (Winner Best Documentary), CUFF.Docs, Terror-Fi New Zealand, Buffalo Dreams (Winner Best Documentary), Fantaspoa (2021), and Canadian Film Fest   read full article

December 23, 2020  ScreenAnarchy

GO/DON'T GO Exclusive: Watch The New Trailer, Check Out The New Poster

Kamikaze Dogfight and Gravitas Ventures, a Red Arrow Studios company, has acquired North American rights to distribute thriller, ‘Go/Don’t Go’.  Written and directed by first time filmmaker, Alex Knapp  read full article

December 16, 2020  Deadline

Filmmaker Christian Nilsson and YouTuber Eric Tabach have partnered with production co Kamikaze Dogfight to finance Nilsson’s feature-length directorial debut DASHCAM.

Nilsson previously directed short film Unsubscribe, shot over Zoom, which gained prominence for topping the U.S. box office chart in June during lockdown   read full article

December 09, 2020  RollingStone

Muay Thai Meets Globe-Trotting Romantic Drama in 'Haymaker' Trailer

Sasso said in a statement. “While I recognized I had an intriguing hook, I knew the movie could be about so much more — like acknowledging the human connections people need despite their difference, and the words and actions that go unsaid between people that mean so much more than we think.  read full article

September 15, 2020  Deadline

'Final Destination' Creator Jeffrey Reddick's 'Don't Look  Back' Gets U.S. Deal for October Release

EXCLUSIVE: Kamikaze Dogfight and Gravitas Ventures have co-acquired U.S. rights to Don’t Look Back, written and directed by Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick. The pic, which serves as Reddick’s directorial debut, will now bow October 16 in theaters and on demand. read full article

September 15, 2020  Bloody Disgusting

'CHOP CHOP' Image Gallery Wears a Mask Made of Flesh

EXCLUSIVE:  Set for release this fall, Bloody has an exclusive gallery of images from Chop Chop, in which a serial killer wears a mask made of flesh.  In Chop Chop, “An innocent night between a young couple takes a bizarre turn when a psychotic serial killer comes knocking at the door. As the couple starts to fend for their lives, we soon learn there might be more to the lovers than meets the eye. A long fight for survival leads them into a series of unsettling encounters within the criminal underworld.” read full article

August 20, 2020  The Hollywood Reporter

Fantasia: Kamikaze Dogfight Nabs 'Clapboard Jungle' Doc

Kamikaze Dogfight has picked up the U.S. rights to Justin McConnell's Clapboard Jungle, a documentary about five years in the life of an indie filmmaker, ahead of respective premieres at the Fantasia Film Festival, Frightfest and Night Visions festivals.  The Canadian indie features interviews with Guillermo Del Toro, Paul Schrader, Barbara Crampton, Richard Stanley, the late George A. Romero, among others. read full article

May 27, 2020  Deadline

Gravitas, Kamikaze Dogfight Ink Multi-Picture Output Deal

Gravitas Ventures has set multi-picture output deal with Kamikaze Dogfight to release up to two horror/thriller genre titles per month in an effort to bolster its film slate. Kamikaze Dogfight, led by Andrew van den Houten and Han Soto, was spawned on the heels of van den Houten and Soto’s recently produced revenge thriller, Don’t Look Back, the feature directorial debut from genre veteran Jeffrey Reddick (Final Destination creator-writer). “Horror fans are the most loyal and supportive out there,” said van den Houten. read full article

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