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A mysterious virus, plague, pharmaceutical drug conspiracy erupts over a city causing a pandemic. In the midst of the chaos, a mentally deranged maniac seeks to fulfill continuous addiction and vengeful murder, despite the imminent demise of society happening around him. The story leads to a family being destroyed leaving an abandoned little girl to save her baby sister.


Joshua Reale





February 2021

February 2021

February 2021

February 2021

"Necropath is a fucking arthouse war zone that leaves you praying to God that a zombie plague never comes to fruition. Necropath is a film that raises the bar on indie-horror streaming norms — then takes the bar and plunges it through the arduous, rotten corpse of all other poorly-shot and edited and acted indie streaming horrors in its path and forces those filmmakers to step it up to an A-Game or just spare us the pain and go sling faux-Tex Mex food at a Chili’s. (And our irritable bowels kick in and we wipe our asses with their bogus film school degrees.) Necropath lets you know it ain’t gonna be a cool-verse with Jeffrey Dean Morgan swingin’ “Lucille” around and Norman Reedus being all sexy-smoldering, grungy-hot for the ladies in the audience. Necropath is a Private First Class Hudson “Game over, man!” world where you’re fucked. You die. Everyone fucking dies by virus, by drug addiction, by zom, and bye-bye. There’s no Operation Warp Speed to save you. End of story."B & S About Movies

"Zombies. If the mere utterance of the word makes you want to click out of this article, you’re not alone. The primetime bastardization of the genre led to an oversaturation of films hoping to cash-in on the mass acceptance of what once was considered a wholly owned subsidiary of the hardcore horror community. So when New York-based Joshua Reale, founder of the ever-popular haunted attraction CAYO Industrial Horror Realm, landed on the idea to produce a zombie film as his feature debut, he knew that it had better be damn good. And damn different."Rue Morgue

“Necropath” is an ugly, assaultive, and surreal journey that tells, not so much a story, but a hallucinogenic fever-dream of a world where the rules of humanity have been stripped away. The melding of three shorter films by Upstate haunt operator Joshua Reale, the film utilizes that industrial location as its setting. Dark and filth-strewn, it is not a place one would want to find themselves after dark, as the film’s characters discover.Diablo Joe

"this is a gritty and grimy film that isn’t afraid to get its toes in the muck. The effects are pretty solid featuring some really gnarly drug use scars, blisters, and pustules. Scag is a disgusting, but interesting character to follow. While the script is scant and the plot is bare bones, those looking for a film that never lets up its staggering pace and will drag you through the dirt, NECROPATH delivers."mlmillerwrites

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