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“ISOLATION” weaves together nine tales of terror, following isolated citizens in cities around the world as they confront their darkest fears in an attempt to survive an increasingly deadly outbreak. The eleven filmmakers were only allowed to use the equipment, resources, and participants they had in lockdown. All nine scripts are original. Anthology director and producer Nathan Crooker created a world ten months into the future based around the current global pandemic and then briefed the filmmakers to bring their stories to life within this framework. “ISOLATION” explores the human condition through a genre lens, weaved together in an anthology experience. The films live under a banner of survival and deal with relatable themes such as; human connection, paranoia, hope, love, escapism, fear of the unknown, abandonment. Like any good horror film, the themes transcend the genre.





Nathan Crooker

James P. Gannon


November 2021

October 2021

October 2021

"The gimmick of this collection is its main draw. Seeing what the filmmakers have pulled off at the height of quarantine, with only at-hand resources at their disposal, is fascinating. Drone footage abounds; family members and friends play starring roles. Some films are meditative, while others go full-on slasher. But the bizarre 2020 that “Isolation” presents — exactly like ours, except when it’s not — is ultimately a hobbling distraction.” New York Times

“As a narrative framework, Director and Producer, Nathan Crooker created a fictional world many months into the future that is based around the current global pandemic,” explains the press release. “All eleven filmmakers used the same unifying framework in creating their stories. The filmmakers were tasked with how to stay creative using only what was available to them at the time. They were not allowed to use Zoom or any other video conferencing services and were only allowed to use the equipment and resources they had with them when they entered into lockdown, including cast and crew, adhering to their respective COVID-19 protocols.” Bloody Disgusting

“The feature-length anthology connects nine stories of people from all over the world confronting their darkest fears during the pandemic. Crooker, who produces the film, tasked 11 filmmakers with creating their stories using only the production equipment and resources they had with them when they entered quarantine. They were also barred from using Zoom or other video conferencing services. “Isolation” premiered at FrightFest UK 2021 and will have its North American premiere on Oct. 15th at Screamfest LA, followed by a release on VOD platforms on Nov. 2.” Variety

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