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Documentary filmmakers follow electro-pop duo FINKEL as they set out to write a record from within the frozen forests of their hometown - Michigan's isolated and eccentric Mackinac Island.


Craig Harmer and Joe Zook


Anna Gusafson

Craig Harmer

Brian Spencer

Jane Spencer

Joe Zook

Andrew van den Houten

Han Soto

Islanders Craig Harmer and Joe Zook.jpg


October 2022

October 2022

You can feel secure going in that even if you’re unaware of the band, there’s still plenty for you to enjoy

“Islanders is a superbly shot documentary, following a band that you may not know going into the film but it’s likely that you’ll come out of it a fan (or at the very least heading to your preferred streaming service to check out their page). It starts out with the band and their process of creating music but expands to different avenues of their life and their environment creating something relaxing, natural and charming.” Film Carnage

A very nice insight into the creative process of the film's protagonists that really hits home because it (seemingly) doesn't try too hard to be about just that. So instead of talking heads and lots of studio/rehearsal sessions, the audience is treated to Jane and Brian just being themselves in various situations, as they're trying to come to grips with island life, with their music making and recording sounds in nature just being part of their routine. And the whole thing comes across as incredibly light-footed and entertaining, so even if you've never heard of Finkel before (and I freely admit I haven't), you're pretty much bound to enjoy this movie. Search My Trash

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