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A psychological thriller following Jake, a reclusive news editor, who is inadvertently sent secret dashcam video evidence that points to a possible conspiracy and cover-up involving high-ranking government officials.


Christian Nillson


Christian Nillson


Christian Nillson

Andrew Van Den Houten

Han Soto



November 2021

October 2021

October 2021

October 2021

"Five Horror Movies to Stream Now." New York Times

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“Dashcam follows Jake —a timid video editor at a local news channel who fantasizes about becoming a reporter. While editing a piece on a routine traffic stop that resulted in the death of a police officer and a major political official (Larry Fessenden), Jake is inadvertently sent dashcam video evidence that tells a completely different story. Working alone from his small apartment in NYC, Jake uses his skills as an editor to analyze the footage and piece together the truth behind what actually happened. Has Jake uncovered a conspiracy that he can break on the morning news? Or is he seeing things that aren’t really there?” Bloody Disgusting

The trailer does a perfect job of exploring the technology we have, the use of dashcam footage, as well as applying it to our current cultural conversation. The film follows Jake (Tabach) and his journey to uncover the truth about the murder of a police officer while balancing it all with his own career goals. Screen Anarchy

The Camera Never Lies, But People Do...

Conspiracy caused by corruption consumes countless crowds in communities critically connecting correlations of covered-up political cataclysmic calamities. Horror Buzz

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